Gas metal arc welding (TIG)

Gas metal arc welding (MIG)

Spot welding

Sand blasting

Sand blasting

We are able to sand blast parts to the size of 2.5m in our sand blasting boxes.

The boxes are used exclusively for uncontaminated aluminium material.

Material Division

Material Division

Splitting of materials is done with laser cutters. Working area is 3000 x 1500 mm and accuracy of laser cutting is ± 0,1 mm.



Sheet metal bending is done
in press brake machine of 500 kN to 2300 kN press force.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Powder Coating



Machining of aluminum, stainless steel
Max. part size 1200 x 500 mm

Our Capabilities

Piece Production

We are able to start production even one piece.

Serial Line Production

We always try to find such a manufacturing process in serial line production that the production is done at minimum costs and you are satisfied!

Irregular Production

With our experience, we are able to produce articles beyond regular production..

Benefits of CarryGoods s.r.o.

Wide Offer

Thanks to wide machine base we offer large scale of production articles from all kinds of materials.

Delivery Rate

We tune our processes up in a way, that your order will be at your place as fast as possible.

Company Presentation

Our company is particular about pleasant behaviour. Sales representants know what they are offering!


We communicate not only via phone, but email and social sites too!

Modern Technologies

Our machines are in the best conditions.

Technical Support

Our technicians are well qualified according to the newest metal production methods. They know, what they are doing!